LIFT Toronto: Overview 2016/17

LIFT is engaged in social innovation, human rights education and advocacy, community governance, and food security. We help develop resources for advancing human rights and adapting to climate change.

LIFT is a non-profit resource and education organization run by and for low-income people. Since 1986, LIFT has been creating and supporting community projects according to the needs and goals of our membership and the challenges facing vulnerable communities.

LIFT began in order to change local social policy. In the late 90’s LIFT was inspired by international experience to cultivate human rights based and co-operative solutions to poverty.

Since 2010, LIFT’s work has included developing resilience to climate change as a challenge requiring holistic strategies to protect the future of vulnerable communities and families.

Projects that LIFT is currently incubating or mentoring:

1. OASIS (Organic Aquaponic Symbiotic Integrated Systems) Food Hub — a climate resilient food security and green job-training pilot project.

2. St. James Town Community Enterprise Co-op — a non-profit co-operative to empower resident owners and organizations to develop and manage community based projects- like OASIS.

3. Conscious Minds Co-op — a youth-led education and climate resilient community building co-operative evolved from a LIFT youth project.

4. Evolutionary Music Co-op — a music development, production, and promotion hub (non-profit co-operative).

5. Uplift Time Credit Exchange — a community-run online time bank set up to help members exchange services and goods, and monitor and value volunteer work based on time credits in support of the projects named above.

6. Seventeen Global Goals report card project — a website and popular research project to monitor and report on Canada’s progress towards the 17 sustainable development goals declared at the UN in 2015 and included in the Paris Climate Change Agreement (in development).

LIFT needs ongoing support for staffing and community resources in order to continue cultivating innovative community-based projects and work on systemic change to advance human rights for all. Our fundraising goal is 80k per year.