LIFT youth projects: Conscious Minds Camp

Report: Camp Report 2015 final   Website:

Conscious Minds Camp 2015 ran for 11 days in August with thirty-five youth, plus adults, elders, and children, from eleven different towns and cities across Southern Ontario. Conscious Minds Camp (CMC) is a collaborative leadership camp developed by and for youth and young adults to heal, learn and grow.

In the face of climate change and extreme inequality, there is a pressing need to cultivate ecological and equitable practices for a liveable and healthy future. Yet the current education system is slow and resistant to teaching youth the skills and resources we need to be competent and active citizens of this future. This is why CMC was created – as a space for youth to explore, practice, and experiment in collaborative, critical, and creative ways.

CMC is our camp; it is the way we want to learn; working towards the way we want to live. This summer was a program planning camp where organizers and campers worked together to create camp content and culture. The organizers had lots of ideas and goals in mind, but we went into the camp with only the first three days concretely planned out. On Day 3, we spent the afternoon evaluating what we had done so far, while creating the schedule for the next three days. In this way our learning process was responsive to the evolving needs and interests of the campers. (see the report above to learn more)