How to get our Human Rights

Download: how to get our human rights

LIFT encourages all who want to work towards the enforcement of the human rights framework to:

Involve communities and local governments in human rights education and advocacy and in building capacity to fulfill rights to housing, health, education and public services.

Educate Parliamentarians and elected representatives on their duty to uphold human rights and invoke national sovereignty in matters concerning domestic human rights.

Advocate for measures to ensure that international trade agreements and other actions taken by the state are bound by commitments made by governments to human rights, environmental protection, human security, and sustainable social and economic development.

Propose constitutional or legislative reform to protect the primacy of human rights.

Increase participation of those most effected in the process of claiming human rights and remedies and defend them from retribution.

Engage in national processes to monitor compliance with domestic and International human rights obligations and prepare civil society submissions to the treaty body of the UN.

Collaborate on developing indicators to measure human rights compliance and progress, such as time use, health and quality of life data.

Engage communities and organizations in participatory research and evaluation; to document and report the impact of economic agreements and decisions on human rights conditions; to inform the public, governments and human rights commissions.

Establish human rights standards and mechanisms appropriate to different environmental and cultural contexts for holding governments and institutions accountable.

By knowing, claiming and demanding enforcement of existing human rights, people everywhere can engage in a powerful local to global process to create a better world of peace and sustainable prosperity.

In the words of Nelson Mandela:

We must “develop a new political culture based on human rights”