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LIFT Mission Statement

LIFT commits to uphold human rights by strengthening the foundation of our community, enabling members to develop, share and increase resources, embracing diversity and creating resilient community based initiatives.

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We are Currently Active with These Projects:

The People’s Frack Back Lawsuit

Appeal: “Helping Willi Nolan’s Activism”:  Help Our Courageous Sister Defending Indigenous, Environmental and Human Rights.


Urgent Action required! Brave East Coast Activist- fighting for all of us, our land and water, needs our support!

UpLIFT Community Credit Exchange

A grassroots economic system so that Toronto residents are able to take more control of their economic needs, build local relationships and community resilience for now and in the long term.

St. Jamestown Community Café

A community, volunteer-led pop-up café that aims to involve St. Jamestown residents and allies in local food issues, such as organics, GMOs, food security, local food access and to provide healthy food to the community regardless of socio-economic status.

OASIS (Organic Automated Sustainable Integrated System) Greenhouse

A new, innovate, energy efficient, sustainable, northern year-round greenhouse that incorporates many different greenhouse technologies and aims to be a replicable model for communities to have greater local control of their food security.

Evolutionary Music Co-op

EvMC will be a new Toronto-based, full-service, music production/promotion company, built on a strong foundation of ethics and a co-operative business model to serve local artists. The music we produce will span many genres and build on Toronto’s intercultural creativity to create new and evolutionary forms of music.


Founders Message


We are creating a place where all can feel at home regardless of status, religion, race, age, ability, or gender. Many members have found comfort and inspiration, some have found work others, from starting a business and many have found satisfaction from speaking out and exercising their human rights. Access to information and resources can be very powerful when combined with determination and strategic organizing. When people come together to effect change and build a community, the possibilities are endless. We have a dream of a fair society where no one loses everything because of disempowerment, where everyone’s contribution to society is valued and everyone can choose his or her destiny. Josephine Grey, Founder Volunteer application form Forum Login